Brand analysis & strategy

We offer a thorough analysis and customized study for the identification and planning of the best solutions to promote and enhance the distinctive factors of each company, product or service. We integrate traditional communication with new interactive digital channels (web, mobile, social, digital) to be even more effective.

“The value-added consultancy.”

Communication projects based on integrated strategies that combine values and peculiarities of traditional media with digital ones, to create effective brand strategies in line with the target audience.

Targeted work that goes through the phases of:


Get to know the business reality, go deep in the business methods, acquire information to analyze the situation from an internal and external point of view and develop a plan for the development of the corporate brand.

  • initial check-up
  • interviews
  • analysis of the brand


Analysis of the competitive environment and the main competitors, key assumptions to develop complex communication projects and try to anticipate market trends.

  • surveys and analyzes of the reference market
  • competitors analysis
  • communication analysis


Design and construction of a distinctive positioning in the market and structuring of an adequate communication strategy. This phase is closely linked to the analysis of the competitors that allows us to identify a correct positioning on the market.

  • competitors positioninig analysis
  • positioning schema
  • positioning definition
  • strategy model


Identify, outline and exploit the full potential that the digital world (web, social, mobile) offers. Create connections, engagement and interaction with the target to create a lasting bond with the brand. Define objectives, instruments and implementation procedures to create performing and especially monitorable digital strategies

  • digital check-up
  • online strategy
  • activity planning
  • activity management and monitoring