Piùux is a method that creates value on the union of know-how and systems that are derived from both the traditional and the digital communication world.


  • customer’s communication check-up (traditional and digital)
  • brand analysis
  • competitors analysis
  • strategy (traditional and digital)
  • development plan (traditional and digital)

Piùux is structured and based on the customer profile and needs, following the scheduled plan.


Being able to listen means knowing how to interpret or re-invent a new use or a new way to consume/use a product and/or a service. These new ideas are shaped by accurate market analysis and by a careful study of the evolution of the consumers and the continuous integration of trends and innovation.


An original idea of an iron strategy: this is the matrix of every successful project. Analyze, plan and determine how to be able to reach the objectives set to contribute to the success of the company. To create a success story it is necessary to know how to unite and integrate the industry experience of the company with the know-how of the agency.


For an effective communication a mood/concept is identified and defined and must be declined in a consistent way on all planned communication tools. Each company/product has its own sign/mark that makes them exclusive and unique; this element will affect the whole communication process. All this to have a strong and distinctive position in the market.


Good planning helps the smooth running of the work optimizing resources and budgets thus obtaining control over the whole process with a significant reduction in the margin of error. We try to predict today the steps to take to avoid unpleasant surprises tomorrow.


Every communication project always deserves to be controlled at all stages in order to monitor the smooth running of the plan and to understand if there are any changes to be made “on the run”. The world is constantly changing therefore you have to be always ready for change: listening helps to improve.